1. ST1000 is a build-to-order product. This service is subjected to non-cancellable, non-returnable and non-changeable order. It is secured once the customer authorized the terms and conditions. No refund is accepted.
    ST1000為客製化品, 訂單資料及細則經確認後, 本品不設取消, 更改及退款。

  2. Delivery lead-time is about 12 weeks after receiving of customers’ earmold. This lead-time is just for reference.
    ST1000製作時間約需要 12 星期 (收到耳模後)。實際時間因應情況而定, 製作時間僅供參考。

  3. Warranty of ST1000 as well as the upgrade Litz wiring service are 6 months after delivery, and it is not applicable to connectors fitted with customers’ earphone set. This warranty is not provided to earphones set and particular cases damaged by wet, fall, heat, impact, stress, remodeling, disassembly and other abnormal process.
    ST1000 及 Litz wiring的保養期為六個月, 而並不適用於耳機連接埠。保養範圍並不包括耳機因濕水, 熱力, 擠壓, 改裝, 拆件及其他不正常情況使用而導致的損壞。

  4. Refit service for purchased ST1000 is available once, given that the customer claims improper fitting to local dealers or distributors within 7 days after delivery, and ST1000 must be return to local dealers or distributors within 14 days after delivery. Refit service is not available beyond these periods.
    如客人收到耳機後發覺需要refit, ST1000會提供1次免費的refit服務。客人必須在 7 通知代理並在 14 歸還耳機。 14 天後, 我們並不會進行及提供任何 refit 服務。

  5. Colors of actual product may slightly vary from the demo units due to different ear geometry.
    由於耳模形狀有所不同, 耳機製成品與樣板顏色可能會有輕微差異。
  6. Earmold provided from customers would be made into 3D data and stored at encrypted file server for 1 year. Actual earmold won’t be returned and will be stored at secured place for 1 year.
    耳模經電腦掃描後會儲存到加密的伺服器, 耳模實體則另外儲存, 耳模及其資料儲存期為 1 年。

  7. Change back (ST1000 to Universal) service might incur additional service fee subject to earphone conditions.
    外殼還原服務可能需要收取額外費用, 視乎耳機當時狀況而定。