–  導體採用高純度單支銅線 (50Ω)、高純度單支銀線 (75Ω)

– 旗艦屏蔽結構技術,有效阻隔更多干擾

– 專屬全新高階 50Ω / 75Ω 插頭

–  特製 PET 避震網,可抵禦極端天氣,如寒冷,潮濕,更為耐用

– 日本製造

<因人手製作關係,貨量極少,請先跟我們聯絡查詢現貨 / 預訂。>

最新預訂時間可留意 Soundwave Audio Limited 社交媒體公佈,現在需時約 12 星期 (以工作天計算)



YATONO-BNC is a high-precision clock cable for home audio systems, targeting middle to high-end systems.

Recently, many 10MHz output-compatible master clocks that claim ultra-high precision and ultra-low phase noise, which are the backbone of digital audio, have appeared on the market.

Brise Audio has developed 50Ω & 70Ω audio dedicated cables that accurately transmit a higher high-frequency bandwidth than before without excess.


50 Ω version

For this version, uses ultra-low-loss high-precision 50Ω wire (single conductor of high-purity copper). The shielding material is high-density copper braid and copper foil,
This realizes ultra-low loss in the high-frequency range.

The inner conductor is insulated with a highly foamed material with excellent high-frequency insulation characteristics to achieve ultra-low loss in the high-frequency bandwidth.
It also has excellent resistance to degradation of transmission characteristics over time, has little influence of noise from external radio waves, and reduces leakage of radio waves to the outside to a minimum.

The sound quality is pyramid-balanced and has a very solid framework, with no blurring of the sound field, a clear expanse, and a modern sound quality trend that does not dissipate.
The sound is unwavering and full of power, and the thick mid to high-frequency range is well contoured, clear, and reproduces even the expression of the low-frequency range in particular.
It is characterized by a natural bandwidth balance that makes the user unaware of the presence of the cable.


75Ω version

This version uses ultra low-loss high-precision 75Ω wire (high-purity silver single wire is used for conductor).
The inner conductor is insulated with fluorocarbon resin and high foam material, and boasts ultra-low loss characteristics in high bandwidths.
The shield braid is also made of silver-coated copper braid and copper film, which is excellent in transmission characteristics degradation over time,
The shield braid is also made of silver-coated copper braid and copper film to minimize the effects of noise from external radio waves and to reduce leakage of radio waves to the outside to a minimum.


YATONO-BNC has been developed through repeated daily tests in various environments including our test environment (GPS, ultra-low phase noise oscillator, etc.).

In addition, BriseAudio’s proprietary technologies for high sound quality (proprietary special CNT material*1)
Special CNT material*1, special electromagnetic wave absorption shielding material*2, BS sheet*3, and other materials) are placed to further enhance the sound quality of this model.


BriseAudio has been developing cables for high-end audio for about 20 years.
By reintroducing this know-how and the great expertise we have cultivated in the development of portable audio cables, which are used in a more demanding environment, into home audio cables, we have achieved a level of perfection that will push them to a new stage.

The YATONO series of home audio cables are particularly compatible with equipment ranging from mid-range to high-end,
We have created a sound that allows the user to smoothly enter the music without compromising the performance of the equipment as much as possible.
The YATONO series is not focused solely on resolution and information content, but also on the atmosphere and sound of the music.

1) To take advantage of the excellent characteristics of CNT, we have repeatedly conducted joint tests and comparative listening tests with a national research institute and cooperating material manufacturers.
The representative characteristics of CNTs are as follows,
20 times stronger than steel, 10 times more thermally conductive than copper, and half the density of aluminum. Excellent shielding ability.
Various other useful physical properties. (The properties of CNTs vary depending on whether they are single-phase or multi-layered.)

*2) A material that absorbs electromagnetic waves & converts heat with extremely high effectiveness, especially in the high frequency band, consisting of a 7-layer structure.
It is the core material used in all high-grade cables, including our flagship cable MURAKUMO.

3) BS Sheet is a material that boosts the positive effects of other materials on sound quality while having minimal adverse effects on sound quality.




50Ω, 75Ω


0.5m, 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m


高純度單支銅線 (50Ω)、高純度單支銀線 (75Ω)



導体 高機能高純度銅導体
線材 BriseAudioオリジナル線材
音質施工 YATONO高音質特殊加工
遮蔽 一部に施工(広帯域非磁性特殊積層電磁波吸収材+多種防振材+多種特殊素材+絶縁材)
保証期間 1年


* 本產品的規格如有更改,恕不另行通知。