VANNUYS D977-00|5 zipper folding top Backpack [high-end model]


摺疊cover造型背包 [高端款]

Made in Japan 日本人手製造

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High-end model standard equipment


Side buckle belts are standard equipment on high-end models

The high-end model comes standard with a leather handle (handle cover color: black)


High-end models have loops and small buckles on the front

<Belt for changing buckle position> The high-end model has two loop-shaped belts, so that the buckle stop position can be changed when the internal capacity increases


The folding top backpack can change the storage capacity in the vertical direction by changing the position of the buckle even when the content increases, so it is possible to put more luggage and cover it when necessary .

The position of the buckle has been changed to increase the storage capacity in the vertical direction.

The flap is stopped at the position of the basic buckle .


Access to the main compartment



The main luggage can be easily put in and taken out with a total of 5 fasteners: 1 vertical fastener on the front of the main unit, 2 diagonal fasteners on both sides, and 2 vertical fasteners on the back.

When accessing from the front vertical zipper with the opening folded , if you close the zipper to the position in the image above, you can easily open the zipper by grasping the slider part even with the opening folded . ..

If you do not use the vertical zipper on the front and want to put in and take out stored items from the opening, close the zipper to the top of the opening.

The fastener part that opens wide and diagonally on the right side of the main body.

The fastener part that opens wide and diagonally on the left side of the main body.



The side zipper opens wide diagonally, making it easy to put in and take out PET bottles.

A structure that makes it easy to take out small items stored near the bottom of the bag .

The side buckle belt is removable, and if you attach it to the side of the main body, you can enhance security not only for design elements but also for crowded trains. Side buckle belts are standard equipment on high-end models.

You can further increase security by passing the slider string through the side buckle belt and fixing it so that the fastener does not open.

There are also two vertical fasteners on the back of the main unit to access the main compartment.

The vertical zipper on the back opens wide, so I think it’s easy to put in and take out even relatively large storage items.

If you use the zipper on the back, you can easily take out the items stored on the bottom of the back side even if you carry it on your back.


Buckle inside the opening


There are two buckles on the upper part inside the main body.
By stopping this buckle, the shape of the flap part will not be distorted due to the amount of contents when carrying or holding the bag, and the shape of the entire bag will not be significantly distorted.

<The flap part is out of shape due to the weight> In general, this type of backpack tends to break both sides of the flap due to the force applied to the center by carrying it on your back.

<State that does not lose its shape>
By fixing the buckle inside, the front side of the backpack is pulled toward you and it becomes difficult to lose its shape.














品番 VD977-00


品名 5ファスナーフォールディングトップ


本体:素材 本体表素材:バリスティックナイロン
本体カラー ブラック
サイズ 本体部分:(約)縦400mm×横270mm




企画製造 Made in Japan/日本製